Kauft China Europa?

No, it is not. That at any rate was the conclusion reached by the China specialists attending the STAUFEN.INOVA Advisory Board event, CrossViews, held on 10th November 2011. Typically for CrossViews, this question was examined from various viewpoints and discussed, sometimes contentiously. 

The five experts encouraged the audience to see the China market as an opportunity. The threats that are frequently published throughout the Western media are not totally unfounded, but by adopting a proactive business approach and with a «Yes» to China, Europe can continue to stand its ground in the globally competitive environment. As long as Europeans have innovations and high-tech to offer, we will remain a desirable partner for the Chinese. 

That the future will be one of sharing rather than mutual crowding out, is a virtually unavoidable trend in view of the need to maintain the natural resources of our planet in the longer term. 

CrossViews is a platform for exchanging insight between entrepreneurial personalities and is organised by STAUFEN.INOVA. In 2011, the invited specialists and guests focused on the question of "Is China buying up Europe?"

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