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Where Lean Management and Supply Chain Management meet

STAUFEN.INOVA is among Switzerland’s leading management consultants specialising in Lean Management and Supply Chain Management. As partners in strategies aiming for business excellence, and as an internationally active consultancy, we support SMEs and groups in optimising their value creation and management processes along the entire supply chain, including the efficient structuring of innovation and product development processes.


Trust for truly successful innovations

We break down outdated, entrenched structures and repeatedly generate new, innovative solutions and enhancements along the entire value creation chain. 

To achieve optimal results we rely on smoothly functioning teams into which the client’s key personnel are also integrated. We ensure that our clients benefit from long-term support from the same consultants. This because trust is the common denominator for truly successful innovations.


Right up to successfully completed implementation you can always call on the same responsible partner. Dedicated solutions are generated in entrepreneurial expert teams made up of pragmatic and objectives-oriented consultants.

Board of directors

Roger Baumann

Markus Riegger

Jürg Zangerl


Jürg Hodel

Thomas Spiess

Senior Consultant Thomas Spiess
Members of staff

Roman Amstad

Sarina Antonica

Jürgen Arold

René Ballmer

Andrea Bläsing

Bernadette Bodmer

Dominik Bühlmann

Matthias Camenzind

Anna Chirkova

Sascha Dede

Manuel Dudler

Markus Götz

Vera Gübeli

Serge Hügli

Marco Hummel

Livia Kühne

Oliver Leicht

Peter Mendler

Peter Reusser

Erich Sannemann

Marc Sonder

Sven Spitznagel

Freda v. Stackelberg

Alexander Vogel

Matthias Windel

Jürg Zangerl

Othmar Zemp

Lucas Zeugin

André Zofka


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