Aluminium - Laufen AG

The objective was to generate greater transparency in terms of output and the related fundamental critical volumes in the press shop and foundry. A mentor/mentee leadership philosophy has been established among the management staff. Also introduced is a sustainable, short-cycle problem solving process. Management staff now possess a basic knowledge of the theory and practice of lean management.

Client Profile

The core competency of Aluminium Laufen AG is the production of superior quality, precision cast aluminium components and extruded aluminium profiles. Advanced technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and a motivated team of experienced specialists guarantee the cost-effective and efficient processing of customer orders.

Task Solutions

  • Training management staff and employees in lean management
  • Setting up the team boards and a superordinate performance board in both the press shop and the foundry, plus integration of the sales department
  • Training and introduction of problem solving techniques, including problem solving instruments with escalation management
  • Support in introducing a cascadable performance management system displaying the respective performance levels of the press shop and foundry on a daily basis

Client Benefits

  • Greater transparency across all departments achieved by establishing the shop floor boards and the scheduled daily communication sessions
  • Problem solution process is established
  • The OEE key indicators highlight improvements in delivery reliability, productivity, and the number of internal and external complaints received