ARA Rhein AG

The assignment involved solving the following challenges. The employees needed to be better briefed about plant-specific activities, cross-shift incidents and project-related information. Whereas the data are available within the system, the communications concept is not structured sufficiently to provide the desired information.

Client Profile

With its 30-strong team, ARA Rhein AG ensures that the waste water from the Schweizerhalle and Pratteln industries, including the surrounding municipalities can be purified and returned to the natural cycle. The resulting accumulated sludge is disposed of in a sustainable manner at the company's own sludge incineration plant, thereby recycling it both materially and energetically. Around 6 billion litres of water are purified each year at the Pratteln plant using modern, well-maintained facilities. Consequently, ARA Rhein AG makes a significant contribution to ensuring that the River Rhine continues to be a valuable living and recreational area.

Task Solutions

  • Flow of information between departments and the management level is now structured and end-to-end
  • Cooperation between the plant operations, workshop and project teams is more structured and efficient
  • Regular communications have led to improved coordination between shifts and departments
  • Effective and sustainable problem-solving is now standard practice
  • Fewer meetings

Client Benefits

  • 50% reduction in bilateral coordination meetings
  • 100% increase in number of sustainably solved problems
  • Unsafe situations reduced by 50%
  • 20% improvement in adherence to maintenance work deadlines
  • 20% reduction in unnecessary tours and processes