Bühler AG

Within its division „Manufacturing & Logistics“, Bühler AG commissioned a review of the extent to which increased efficiency in production and production logistics could be achieved by implementing RFID. The focus was primarily on optimisation of the production processes and in the improvement of the track and trace function for special-purpose containers and expensive components.

Client Profile

Bühler AG is a global market leader in the supply of plant, equipment, and services for grain and food processing, and for manufacturing advanced materials. The Bühler Group operates in over 140 countries, has a global payroll of some 10,300 employees, and generated sales revenues of CHF 2.409 billion in fiscal 2012.

Task Solutions

  • Carry out a preliminary RFID study
  • Evaluate potential RFID deployment areas in production and in production logistics
  • Generate a target concept and the mandatory specifications
  • Evaluate potential solutions providers
  • Generate a business case

Client Benefits

  • Verification of the strategic feasibility as well as the technological and operational feasibility (integration in the SCM processes) has been generated
  • A recommendation for the RFID system to be deployed and for the optimal implementation partner has been submitted
  • A meaningful business case has been generated (savings, investments, operating costs, additional benefits)
  • A decision favouring an RFID solution based on the generated parameters was taken