CKW Conex AG

In terms of sales and personnel, the IT & Communication department has grown strongly from 35 to over 70 employees in recent years. The «IT Organisation Review» project was initiated to align the organisational structure with future market requirements and core processes (consulting, planning, execution, operations and maintenance).

Client Profile

Within the CKW Group, ICT is a strategically important business sector with future potential. Legally and organisationally, the IT & Communication department is anchored in CKW Conex AG and structured into the service functions: IT Systems, Communication Solutions and Cabling.

Task Solutions

  • Generate a new process model
  • Determine the requirements of the target organisation: management levels, role profiles, orientation towards the future business models
  • Adapt the organisational structure to these new requirements
  • Define future role profiles
  • Adapt the quotations process to the new organisational structure

Client Benefits

  • Sustainable pressure and workload relief for executives and technology specialists by creating new functions
  • Cross-department product support to exploit synergies and optimal customer solutions
  • Cross-team technology specialists for enhanced product know-how
  • Strengthened sales organisation for even closer customer proximity and greater responsiveness