Confiserie Sprüngli AG

The objective was to create additional capacity through process optimisation, in order to handle the growing production volume so that the existing infrastructure can be used for as long as possible.

Client Profile

Since1845, Sprüngli has been a pioneer among Swiss chocolate manufacturers and played a significant role in creating the reputation, which still exists today, of Swiss chocolate as being the best in the world. Alongside the fourteen sales businesses in and around Zurich, Sprüngli also operates another seven in Basel, Bern, Winterthur, Zug and Geneva.
The company is continuing the tradition in the sixth generation and is one of the most renowned confectioners in Europe.

Task Solutions

  • Analysis and redesign of supplier units, container and transport logistics
  • Reorganisation of internal logistics and services: separation of productive and non-productive activities such as waste disposal, washing-up, container logistics
  • Development and establishment of continuous improvement processes in the whole business
  • Supporting and training the Sprüngli CIP organisation
  • Introducing and training principles and methods such as 5S, MUDA, Kanban and PDCA
  • Introduction of shopfloor management
  • Introduction of the «Gemba Walk» from management to department heads

Client Benefits

  • The Sprüngli CIP and Sprüngli CIP organisation was developed and established gradually, so that the company is today in a position to handle, in a structured and continual manner, process improvements at the workplace level through to the production system level
  • The overall «on-site leadership» concept and the «CIP», «shopfloor management» and «Gemba Walk» elements were adapted to the needs and characteristics of the company and now ensure a consistent leadership process
  • Various training sessions and workshops led to a growth in joint understanding in terms of efficient processes, waste etc. and the sufficiently known conceptual solution approaches

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