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Whether centralised, global distribution or a highly agile solution tightly geared to the market, the balancing act between minimal inventories, optimal ability to supply and cost leadership is a daily challenge in distribution operations.

High-frequency transport networks facilitate concentration, but rising demands on individualised orientation towards markets or specific customer groups are working against it.

Transform your distribution centre from a purely logistics operation into an active link in the value creation chain and an instrument of customer satisfaction.


  • Tailor-made distribution strategy
    Prompt deliveries to satisfied customers from the right location, in the right frequency by the ideal route – and at the lowest possible costs.
  • In/outsourcing strategy
    Define strategic core competencies in distribution logistics and identify best possible partners.
  • Concept development
    Strategies are not a performance definition in themselves. It is essential to sum up the individual requirements.
  • Infrastructure and locations
    Automation Yes or No? What should the distribution centre look like? Where should it be located? Self-funding or external financing?
  • International material flows
    Customs tariffs, VAT and other regulations, together with different working and consumer cultures, define the operations.
  • After-sales services
    Agile customer support, spare parts management and reverse logistics generate long-term customer loyalty.

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