DPD (Schweiz) AG

To generate an optimal distribution network concept for Switzerland, a simulation exercise for determining hub and depot locations was carried out using the consignment data in combination with various scenarios.

Client Profile

The DPD country organisation Switzerland was established in 1993. Today, DPD (Schweiz) AG is a part of the DPDgroup and hence belongs to GeoPost, an affiliate of the French Le Group La Poste. DPD is currently Switzerland’s biggest private parcel and package services provider. Having started out as a purely B2B provider, DPD has since also oriented the group towards the growing B2C market. In Switzerland, blanket parcel delivery coverage is provided by 11 depots, of which three (Buchs ZH, Möhlin AG and Bern BE) act as national distribution centres. Ongoing growth and the strategic orientation towards processing both B2B and B2C parcel volumes have called for an in-depth review of the current network. There was a particularly sharp focus on the Bern distribution centre where, because of new zone planning and unsatisfactory space conditions, a new depot needs to be installed in the medium term.

Task Solutions

  • Simulation of scenarios for an optimal distribution network in Switzerland
  • Calculation of the „centre of gravity“ for Switzerland
  • Simulation of the Bern depot location
  • Search for suitable locations in the Bern area, narrowed down to two potential sites, with a clear favourite in the vicinity of the city
  • Definition of the preliminary concept for the Bern depot at the preferred location

Client Benefits

  • Clearly defined, optimal network Switzerland with a single central hub
  • Narrowing down of location options in the Bern area
  • Detailed concept for the Bern depot (in conjunction with an architectural office/investor)
  • Decision-ready documentation for the detailed planning

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