Freda v. Stackelberg

BSc Industrial Engineering, Coach
Senior Consultant
Year of Birth: 
+41 44 786 33 11


  • Integrated cultural corporate development – from corporate culture to process optimisation
  • Analysis and integrated process optimisation in production and logistics
  • Implementation and coaching of SFM from shop floor to executive board levels

Professional Experience

  • Cultural development and methods implementation, in direct and indirect productive sectors, from the shop floor to the executive board levels
  • 7 years coaching of executives and shop floor personnel

Consultancy Focus

  • Implementation of SFM
  • Coaching and shadowing in the SFM context
  • Building problem solving competence
  • Establishing lean culture concepts and methods implementation (best point allocation, assembly shop optimisation, shop floor management, 5S etc.)

Practical Experience

  • Building SFM coaching and problem solving competence
  • Implementation of SFM and establishing SFM guidance and counselling competencies in various industries (including aerospace, medical technology, automotive and food industries, machine tools) in micro companies, SMEs and major corporations in the German- and English-speaking regions
  • Optimisation of industrial assembly lines