Gemeinde Worb

Outdated and shabby, the Hofmatt sports centre needs urgent renovation to bring it in line with the expectations of today’s users. The ice rink and swimming pool corporations do not have the financial resources for the undertaking. An overall concept with new sponsors is needed to facilitate break-even operation into the future.

Client Profile

Worb is located around ten kilometres east of the federal capital of Bern. The municipality covers a good 21 square kilometres and encompasses eight localities with a total population of 11'000 inhabitants. Prior to its refurbishment, the Hofmatt sports facility (ice rink and swimming pool) was managed by two corporations.

Task Solutions

  • Draw up a general concept for exercise space and sports facilities
  • Prepare the preliminary project including business plan for the Hofmatt sports centre
  • Formulate the report and application for submission to the municipal parliament of Worb
  • Manage the renovation and new building construction project Hofmatt «Wislepark»

Client Benefits

  • One-stop solution: from the general concept up to and including key-in-hand sport and leisure centre «Wislepark»
  • Budget and approved cost ceiling maintained
  • Coordination of all stakeholders (e.g. clubs, municipalities)

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René Ballmer

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