IT & Systems

Successfully orienting processes and systems to the supply chain

IT must keep in step with business challenges, allow innovative strategies and improve value creation capacity overall.

As a business enabler, it is essential for IT to fulfil this role and make an active value contribution. An IT strategy and master plan oriented towards the business objectives sets the priorities for economical and future-proof IT development. This is a comprehensive issue given that, in addition to economic efficiency, the aspects of independence, risks and know-how loss need to be carefully examined and taken into account.


  • IT Audits
    Analysis focused on the core processes from which optimisation potentials and solutions options/cost benchmarks are derived.
  • IT strategy and planning
    IT strategy development and master plan oriented towards the business objectives, with project portfolio and implementation roadmap.
  • Evaluation of core applications
    Evaluation and introduction support for IT systems (e.g. ERP, CRM, PDM, WMS) with a view to future-proof processes/IT architectures.
  • IT sourcing (insourcing, outsourcing, selective sourcing)
    Make-or-buy decisions – based on transparent and secure sourcing options.
  • IT organisation development (specialist area/IT, internal/external)
    Anchoring the IT organisation and processes within the company, incorporating important partners (business IT alignment/partner management).
  • Operations planning
    Collating operational requirements as a basis for designing buildings and installations such as warehousing and order picking systems, including optimal material flows.

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