Jensen Group

The Jensen Group has grown rapidly in recent years and has established subsidiaries in a number of countries. Steadily increasing market pressures have led to increasingly rigorous cost controls. The group procurement function is also tasked with enhancing its value creation contribution.

Client Profile

Worldwide, the Jensen Group assists heavy-duty laundries to economically provide quality textile services. The Group is organised into two technology centres and four worldwide business regions. A global network of authorised Jensen representatives ensure that local customer expectations are promptly and reliably fulfilled.

Task Solutions

  • Identify global group procurement potentials
  • Use cross-location benchmarking to document the strengths and weaknesses of the individual subsidiaries
  • Set up a global procurement organisation with responsible lead buyers
  • Draw up a master plan for the implementation of the potentials inside the group and within the subsidiaries
  • Establish cross-group procurement controlling with defined key figures

Client Benefits

  • Savings in excess of 12% in total procurement costs
  • Transparent procurement organisation with efficient controlling
  • Established risk management with early-warning indicators
  • Reduction of bound capital within the group