Landis+Gyr AG

The assignment was to establish a planning process tailored towards business needs and customer requirements. The objective was to implement an optimised planning model for managing critical components. In addition, the best possible information technology planning tools, including reporting and controlling functionalities, were to be evaluated and developed.

Client Profile

Landis+Gyr is a leading global supplier of energy meter systems. The company has been particularly successful in establishing itself in the area of Advanced Metering Management (AMM) with its «Smart Meters.» Landis+Gyr has branches in 30 countries across five continents and has the most comprehensive offering of products and solutions in the industry.

Task Solutions

  • Differentiated planning processes tailored towards standard business and project business were introduced across all product segments.
  • A new logic was deployed whereby the different products were gathered together in planning groups on the basis of the critical components.
  • Consumption forecasts were established for comparison with budget, customer orders and consumers.
  • Key suppliers matched with the different procurement planning for AX and CZ components were integrated.
  • A process-oriented, internet-based planning instrument was introduced.

Client Benefits

  • A time saving of 50% between planning input and availability in the production locations was generated.
  • A significant increase in the quality of data and information for all stakeholders was achieved.
  • A very high degree of flexibility in adaptation was achieved and there are very good opportunities for controlling.

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