Win-win logistics scenario for two leading Swiss groups. By lowering its transport process costs, the nation’s biggest food distributor is preparing for the market entry of German discounters. The SBB, Switzerland’s leading passenger and freight haulage operator, is under increasing pressure to enhance profitability. A joint project achieved both objectives.

Client Profile

The Migros (MIGROS-GENOSSENSCHAFTS-BUND) is the biggest retailing cooperative in Switzerland. The group has a presence in every canton and in the bordering countries.

Task Solutions

  • New cooperation concept MGB/SBB Cargo
  • Carry out detailed analysis at all levels and identify individual measures
  • Create a new type of railway wagon
  • Reduce the number of railway wagon models used from over 30 to 3
  • Integration of data flows

Client Benefits

  • Marked reduction in number of wagons needed by accelerating circulation
  • Elimination of effort duplication at all locations
  • Significant process cost reduction in railway operations allows SBB to offer price cuts to MGB while simultaneously improving own profitability

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