Next Level Sales & Operations Planning

Not only individual companies are competing against each other, but also entire networks!

Today's low level of vertical integration means that large parts of the value chain have shifted to suppliers and distribution partners, thereby considerably increasing their importance. Consequently, in future, resilient supply chain networks will be needed that are ideally and agilely geared to customer needs. Here, we have compiled more in-depth information for you on this specific topic and also generated a related White Paper.

Next Level Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)! In the context of supply chain network management, «Planning» must be both end-to-end and optimally oriented towards customer requirements. We will demonstrate how this is achieved during our S&OP day, dedicated to Sales and Operations Planning. To learn more and register, click here. We are offering this service free of charge.

Practical experience: at the North American branch of the lift manufacturer tk elevator, Victoria Frank and Brian McGovern, in conjunction with Staufen.Inova, have redefined the balance between demand and supply. These two US executives report on their experiences in an interview for the Staufen Magazine.