optrel AG

Ensuring readiness to deliver at short notice for a differentiated product portfolio in a heterogeneous, global market, without creating backup inventories – that is the challenge facing optrel AG. From the production of key optical components to the assembly of welding helmets, value creation for the entire product portfolio is generated 100% at the parent company in Wattwil.

Client  Profile

The Swiss technology specialist, optrel AG, is an industry leader in the manufacturing of automatic darkening filters which are used in welding protection systems and in medical protection glasses. These products ensure the safety, health and efficiency of users worldwide. Founded in 1968, the globally active enterprise is headquartered in Switzerland’s Wattwil.

Task Solutions

  • Execution of walk-through and application of value stream design principles across three production levels and logistics
  • Rigorous waste avoidance
  • Redesign production layout, including implementation
  • Establish end-to-end lean production with Kanban-controlled production logistics
  • Ensure regular supplies to production with synchronised milk run logistics
  • Define roles, tasks and responsibilities along the entire process chain

Client Benefits

  • Time window from receipt of order to dispatch cut to less than 48 hours
  • Work in progress reduced by 50%
  • Throughput times cut by 50%
  • Production floorspace footprint reduced by 30%
  • Transition from push to pull production system
  • Flexible capacity across three production levels through employee qualification

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