Our consultancy principle

Improve results – assisted by people

Our all-round specialist competencies form our foundation on which to achieve those client objectives. Ensuring, however, that projects really do succeed in the real-life business environment, the way in which they are executed is of particular relevance.


Beratungsansatz von STAUFEN.INOVA


People make change possible

This aspect is vitally important in projects along the value chain because it involves complex change processes affecting both the organisation and the people working within it. Cultural factors can impede the success of a project, even if it has been managed perfectly from the professional perspective. Our consulting approach of integrated project management is precisely tailored to that particular challenge. We not only provide the specialist input, but also take care that all participating client employees are integrated into the project. This ensures that the strengths of each individual participant are recognised and systematically utilised.

Maintaining the balance during every phase of the project

This philosophy is maintained throughout the duration of the entire project. During each phase, we ensure that an ideal balance between the levels of «Strategy», «Structure» and «Culture» is maintained. This policy is pursued step by step through the project phases until the objectives are achieved.