Pistor AG

The project objective was the design and implementation of a new marketing organisation for Pistor AG. The aim was to ensure equally that needs relating to the procurement market, canvassing of Pistor customers, while also taking into account strategic concerns within an integrated process-oriented organisational structure, were met.

Client Profile

Pistor AG, based in Rothenburg, was founded in 1916 by bakers as a self-help organisation for the procurement of food ingredients and today, is the market leader across Switzerland as a supplier and service provider for bakers, pastry cooks and confectioners. Moreover, the company also occupies a significant position in the catering market as a full-range supplier of provisions for all temperature levels. The product spectrum comprises 17,000 chilled, non-refrigerated and deep-frozen items, including branded products, plus an own-brand range.

Task Solutions

  • Secure development of sales and procurement markets now under one roof
  • Structured management of task diversity
  • Clear distribution of tasks along the process interfaces
  • Integration of new business sectors (scalability)

Client Benefits

  • Process-oriented organisational structure comprising the areas «Procurement», «Strategic Marketing» and «Marketing Services»
  • Intensification of market and customer proximity (increased operational impact)
  • Anchoring of a stable innovation process
  • Creating the organisational parameters for the strategic development of e-business
  • Horizontal and vertical scalability of the new marketing organisation