Best value sourcing – more than just negotiating prices

Global competition and a volatile market environment call for reorientation in procurement. Selecting and integrating ideal value creation partners from a TCO perspective is the challenge. It is vital to adopt dedicated strategies for different product groups. Applying an intelligent supply chain configuration will lay a solid strategic foundation for your procurement operations. And allow you to successfully survive in a fiercely contested market well into the future.


  • Procurement audits
    Analysing optimisation potentials and identifying priorities.
  • Make-or-buy strategy
    Define technological and product specific make-or-buy criteria for reaching rapid and transparent decisions, taking total cost of ownership (TCO) into consideration.
  • Procurement strategy
    Establish the right procurement strategy for each product group to identify the best key suppliers and develop them into value creation partners.
  • Supplier relationship management (SRM)
    Implement processes, systems and instruments in order to actively manage suppliers according to their classification.
  • Global Sourcing
    Locate and integrate suppliers in the global market.

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