Fully exploiting in-house strengths

High productivity, innovative energy and low-cost capital in combination with a sensibly regulated labour market are the advantages of Switzerland as a production location. A rigorous strategic make-or-buy approach is applied to define the optimal competitive manufacturing depth.

With a production strategy focused on strategic competencies and intelligently incorporating capable value creation partners, you secure your competitive edge, while creating a basis for penetrating new markets.


  • Production strategy
    The objective is to manufacture strategic components in-house – at the best location, intelligently networked and using optimal technologies – to reduce the effect of demand fluctuations via the extended workbench.
  • Make-or-buy strategy
    Define technological and product specific make-or-buy criteria for reaching rapid and transparent decisions, taking total cost of ownership (TCO) into consideration.
  • Technology strategy
    Use the best technologies for optimal manufacturing and achieving new competitive advantages.
  • Material flow optimisation
    Reliable and low-waste design of materials supply and disposal in production facilities.
  • Production audits
    Analysing optimisation potentials and identifying priorities.
  • Lean Production
    Create value and eliminate waste. Pragmatically adapt methods from the lean toolkit to your facilities and sustainably anchor them through a managed change process.
  • Shop floor management
    This valuable instrument for rapid performance measurement on the shop floor generates crystal clear transparency without checking employees. The focus is on identifying inefficiencies and creating high-performance processes.

Supply Chain Modell von STAUFEN.INOVA


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