Schweizer Salinen AG

To satisfy stringent customer requirements on delivery, reliability and quality, collaboration between the different areas of after-sales service, purchasing, SCM, production and logistics is to be enhanced. By deploying Shopfloor Management, the weekly team meeting is to transition to an efficient regular standup meeting, aiming to strengthen both the customer focus and the value stream orientation of all participants.

Client Profile

With some 200 employees, the Swiss Saltworks AG ensures the reliable supply of salt to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The food industry, trade, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, wellness, sanitation and road management are all supplied with this vital and versatile raw material from our own extraction and production facilities, as well as through imports.

Task Solutions

  • A new 15-minute standup meeting with a subsequent time slot to bilaterally discuss open issues has been designed and is in operation
  • All production sites in Switzerland are now included in this process
  • Non-conformance management functions on the basis of meaningful process indicators using red-green logic
  • The status of projects and measures is transparent
  • Time investment for preparation and follow-up is reduced
  • Further development of the standup concept is ensured through moderator coaching

Client Benefits

  • Increased commitment to the implementation of measures
  • Acceptance of the decisions taken has increased through targeted moderation during the standup process
  • Process understanding and interdepartmental cooperation are enhanced
  • Time requirement for preparation and follow-up, including meeting duration, has been reduced overall by 50%