Stäubli Sargans AG

The first sub-project of the company’s lean transformation strategy was optimisation of its assembly operations. They were to be made more efficient and designed in such a way that they are no longer dependent on individuals, but follow a standardised process based on lean principles.

Client Profile

Stäubli is a globally operating mechatronics solutions provider with three dedicated business activities: Connectors, Robotics and Textile. With its 120 employees, Stäubli Sargans AG generates state-of-the-art systems solutions for tying warps, automatic drawing-in of warps, reading in crosshairs and fast article changes on weaving machines.

Task Solutions

  • Transition from workplace assembly to clocked flow assembly with synchronised assembly times of the individual assembly stations
  • Clear separation of assembly activities and logistics
  • Optimal provision of required materials and tools, matched to the work cycle
  • Standardised assembly processes, which are supported by digital operating procedures
  • Stable lead times, flexible output

Client Benefits

  • Reduction in assembly and setup times
  • Reduction in lead times
  • Greater production volume flexibility
  • Reduction in required assembly footprint
  • Synchronised production --> improved planning for the lines
  • Internalisation of the lean management concept among employees

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