Swisscom IT Services AG

The capacities of the Production and Logistics Center (PLC) of Swisscom IT Services AG for the business unit Workplace (PCs and printers) in Zurich and Bern were reaching their limits. To ensure support, operational efficiency and life cycle management against a backdrop of continuing growth, the end-to-end integration of the entire supply chain management, materials management and logistics was essential. Lean production principles were applied, including greater incorporation of services providers.

Client Profile

Swisscom IT Services AG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swisscom AG. With almost 3'000 employees, the company generates an annual turnover of approx. 900 million CHF and ranks among Switzerland’s three largest IT services providers. Over 11’500 customer servers are operated in two data centres; storage capacity is 14 petabytes. In addition, more than 120'000 PC workplaces and over 35'000 office printers are operated for customers.

Task Solutions

  • Analysis and new configuration of the end-to-end supply chain based on the SCOR model
  • Clear role definition including tasking and responsibilities in the overall process
  • Full end-to-end process integration in SAP R3
  • Introduction of a forecasting model with rolling planning
  • Set-up and start-up of a new PLC in the infrastructure of a logistics provider
  • Outtasking of all logistics needs including production logistics to a services provider

Client Benefits

  • Improved planning capability and availability of the entire hardware portfolio over the life cycle
  • Reduction of the PLC footprint by 40%, plus the inventory and work in progress levels by 50%
  • Reduction of throughput times by 50%
  • Cost cutting by more than 15%
  • Breathing and flexible production capacity
  • Lean production concept is being lived and waste sustainably avoided

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