Switzerland Global Enterprise

For an internationally networked organisation like Switzerland Global Enterprise, with a diversity of partners, IT is a key factor for business success. To ensure continuous IT development matching the corporate strategy and constantly changing requirements, the IT strategy of Switzerland Global Enterprise is reviewed on a regular basis.

Client Profile

Switzerland Global Enterprise informs, advises and assists SME clients in Switzerland and Liechtenstein with their international business projects. Switzerland Global Enterprise links companies, experts and both private and public organisations around the world, thereby facilitating effective export promotion. To do so, Osec can call on the support of 18 international business hubs and a close-knit network of business experts.

Task Solutions

  • Analyse the business requirements demanded of IT
  • Evaluate various potential strategic options in terms of developing the applications and systems landscape throughout Osec, as well as the IT organisation
  • Define IT mission, applications strategy and systems as parameters for future IT development

Client Benefits

  • Optimal orientation of IT towards rigorous and cost-effective support of all business sectors of Switzerland Global Enterprise
  • Readily understood and broadly supported IT strategy
  • Overall planning with project portfolio, including investment and cost budget for the coming three to five years
  • Clearly defined project assignments

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