Tiefbauamt Stadt Zürich

Following various reorganisation projects, a review of the services portfolio became necessary. The objective was to eliminate discrepancies and duplication of effort, while refocusing more strongly on customer needs.

Client Profile

The business unit Value Maintenance of the Civil Engineering Department of Zurich City is responsible for the upkeep of infrastructures totalling CHF 3.5 billion in value. Services are provided by four maintenance depots and five warehouses manned by around 100 employees.

Task Solutions

  • Reorientation of services matching the needs of customers and stakeholders
  • Adapting the target processes to the new customer groups
  • More flexible and effective employee assignment planning
  • Establishing defined services and costs for vehicle and equipment maintenance through service level agreements (SLA)
  • Updating IT for procurement, capacity planning, fleet and inventory management

Client Benefits

  • Reduction in conflict potentials when working with other departments
  • Enhanced productivity thanks to sustainable improvements in process efficiency through elimination of travel times, better planning of resources (employees, vehicles, finances)
  • Direct and rapid impact on costs through SLA
  • Cost cutting through reducing warehousing space by 25% internally and 66% externally


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