The crux of successful IT projects is not to be found in technological competence. Far more crucial are procedural, evaluation and organisational competencies.

Client Profile

Founded in 1887 and located in Triengen/Lucerne, in the heart of Switzerland and Europe, TRISA AG today is one of the world’s foremost producers of oral hygiene (over 250 million toothbrushes per year!), hair care and body care brushes. TRISA markets its products in over 80 countries on every continent.

Task Solutions

  • Analyse the business processes
  • Generate a specification sheet focused on specialties and critical requirements
  • Evaluate a new ERP platform and a new system partner
  • Ensure implementation through realisation and support contracts
  • Verify the system and partner decision via prototyping
  • Generate a realisation master plan

Client Benefits

  • Scheduled implementation of the new solution within 12 months and compliant with the defined budget
  • Solution well anchored and accepted in line management thanks to full integration of employees throughout the entire project

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