A. Tschümperlin AG

In the course of the company’s business process reengineering, a creative new target model was to be generated that would ensure more efficient order processing. Through an appropriate configuration this target model should be reflected in the ERP system, and as far as possible, be covered by the standard functionalities.

Client Profile

Tschümperlin AG is a Swiss family-owned enterprise that is headed in the third generation by Carla Tschümperlin. Its extensive inventory includes some 4500 functional and aesthetic products made of concrete and natural stone for the structural and civil engineering sectors. For individual customer requests relating to concrete elements, a structural element team is in place that transforms ideas into planned implementation. The company has 160 employees spread across eight locations, including two production facilities and two showrooms.

Task Solutions

  • Generate a script with a detailed workshop agenda
  • Prepare the documentation and make available the workshop materials using the LEGO method
  • Hold the 3-day workshop: moderation and critical external perspective
  • Document the workshop and generate the workshop minutes

Client Benefits

  • Presentation of the current processes of the entire order processing cycle
  • Interactive generation of the target process model by modelling with LEGO
  • Basis for discussions with the software implementation partner on the ERP system requirements
  • Common model and understanding among all departments involved
  • Motivation of the project employees for implementing the new target solution

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