The aim of the project, which was conducted in two languages, was the creation and sustainable introduction of a culture of continual improvement (CIP) in the new SANO organisation. With a CIP culture, core processes are to be improved, the causes of problems recognised and resource management optimised.

Client Profile

UPC is a leading provider of communication and entertainment in Switzerland. Around 1.4 million customer place their trust in their diverse products for television, internet, telephony and mobile phone services. UPC receives strong support from Liberty Global, its British parent company.

Task Solutions

  • The sustainability of the desired cultural change for the entire organisation was ensured by working in parallel on the dimensions of behaviour, CIP and lean instruments as per the «Train the Trainer» principle, in conjunction with consequent visual management.
  • The new operating model for SANO was developed with the innovative LEGO methodology during a workshop. The participating managers unlocked potential for SANO that could be used for setting strategic tasks in future. Self-interests took a back seat.
  • With many practical sessions on CIP and 5S, both managers and employees were directly and strongly convinced by the methods and their benefits.

Client Benefits

  • Numerous ideas for improvement have been implemented since the introduction of CIP.
  • The service level for trouble tickets has been improved by 10%.
  • The «time to repair» has fallen by 40%.
  • SANO has developed a Sharepoint-based, interactive and virtual CIP Board, which is already being used in different countries (CH + AT). Decentralised organisations can access this online.
  • The improved communication and cooperation across teams resulted in the teams becoming closer. It is now quicker and easier to integrate new teams.

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