Wandfluh AG

Within the scope of a lean transformation initiative, the objective of the sub-project was to build a flexible, efficient assembly line. Assembly operations should be highly standardised and achieved using optimal resources. The entire line is to be configured deploying lean principles and is to serve as a model for future assembly lines across the organisation.

Client Profile

Wandfluh AG in Frutigen, founded in 1946, manufactures, markets and distributes hydraulic valves and systems. Wandfluh hydraulic valves and systems are used primarily in the energy, mobility, marine, oil and gas industries, plus other industrial sectors. Wandfluh has a workforce of some 300 employees; 60 at Wandfluh Produktions AG and around 240 at Wandfluh Hydraulik + Elektronik, of which 30 are apprentices.

Task Solutions

  • Clear separation of the assembly and logistics functions
  • Small and large batches can be produced without further investment (1-100 pcs.)
  • All materials for the Top 20 products are permanently available at the work stations along the assembly line (Kanban)
  • Location of materials, assembly aids, tools and gauges is configured optimally so that time wasted in searching is eliminated and handling movements are reduced to a minimum

Client Benefits

  • Reduction in assembly and setup times
  • Greater flexibility in production volumes
  • Synchronised production  improved planning for the lines
  • Straightforward and flexibly adaptable assembly line model

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