The trend towards organic products is also leading to strong growth in the sector of natural cosmetics. Weleda began adapting in a timely manner and, at the same time, sought to offset sinking margins through increased efficiency.

Client Profile

As a globally active group of companies, Weleda’s aim is to maintain, support and restore human health. In keeping with its mission, the organisation develops and markets pharmaceuticals, dietary and body care products. This is done in accordance with the enhanced anthroposophical understanding of human beings and nature, originally established in the service of medicine by Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman.

Task Solutions

  • Carry out an end-to-end analysis of the value creation chain from the beginning of production, right up to the end customer
  • Establish a differentiated distribution concept based on market segments
  • Identify a palette of smaller, effective step-by-step measures along the entire value creation chain
  • Rigorous coaching of the internal implementation team

Client Benefits

  • Sustainably optimised end-to-end processes
  • Empowerment of the SCM team to continuously improve through their own efforts

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