W.F. Kaiser & Co. GmbH

The competitive market in which W.F. Kaiser & Co. GmbH operates is heavily dependent on the marketing strategies of the wholesale and specialist retail trade. Consequently, customer relationships and after-sales service are vital to business success. For example, customer service has to actively support field sales forces by offering solutions which positively differentiate the products and the company.

Client Profile

W.F. Kaiser & Co. GmbH is a leading manufacturer and distributor of baking pans in the European markets. The products are positioned in the premium quality segment and are sold through the specialist retail trade and larger final distributors.

Task Solutions

  • Reorient customer services to match market requirements
  • Generate an optimal solution via integrative support
  • Organisational merging of several entities and integration in sales and marketing
  • Process optimisations: teams implement these independently and hence sustainably
  • Market trends: teams identify these and respond accordingly

Client Benefits

  • Customer oriented, professional team in the customer services centre
  • Interfaces with other segments are identified and defined
  • Readiness to independently respond to change is sustainably assured
  • Facilitated management tasks and positive feedback from the market
  • Sustainable implementation achieved in a very short time

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