Glossary of Lean Management and Supply Chain Management terms

For mutual understanding: short definitions of important terms from the world of continuous improvement and Supply Chain Management


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BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a method to optimally plan, develop and manage buildings using software. All relevant building data is captured digitally, combined, and then networked. The result is a geometrically represented, virtual building model (computer model). BIM is used in the building sector (planning and development) and also in facility management.

Blue Sky

In a so-called blue sky workshop, a team elaborates on the ideal picture as it applies to their value streams. Figuratively speaking, the team “gazes into the blue, cloud-free sky” to come up with an ideal, waste-free value stream. This is used to develop the next possible target state and the project road map.


A bottleneck describes a work station in which the cycle time is greater than the customer takt time.