Glossary of Lean Management and Supply Chain Management terms

For mutual understanding: short definitions of important terms from the world of continuous improvement and Supply Chain Management


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EMIPS method

EMIPS stands for eliminate, minimize, integrate, parallelize, synchronize. The EMIPS method is a process improvement principle. It is implemented to undergo a structured assessment of processes or individual process steps with the goal of optimizing the approach used.

EPEI (Every part every interval)

The EPEI represents the frequency at which a so-called production goes through its full cycle and the same component is produced again. All components are produced once on one resource.

Ergonomic work place

A work system that takes into consideration ergonomic aspects such as the operator’s size, reach and range (without turning or bending, if possible).

External setup

External setup denotes the steps and procedures during setup while the machine is still operating (preparation and follow-up).